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Body Dent repair

Removing dents is easy when you know how. We’ve been doing so for over 5 years now and have perfected the art of a quick resolution to an ugly problem; the difficult part comes in the finish. We have a reputation of near perfect results after fixing the dent but we still get asked by customers, “How did you do that?” Well, here is our process, and the expertise we can offer you.

To remove and restore a dent, we start by filling and reshaping the area until we are happy with the results. We set ourselves high standards so will continue to rework the bodywork until it sits as close to perfect as we can get it. When we are happy, we start to apply the primer, and begin to smooth the area. We are looking for the surface of the dent to be as smooth as the rest of the body, it should not be raised, and it should not show any signs of the dent. This process is repeated until we are perfectly happy with area.

When you decide to repair a dent, it is usually because you don’t want to see evidence of it. For this reason we mix the paint to the exact colour of your car. As the paint is applied to your car, we patiently blend it around the area, making sure that to the untrained eye, the affected area is no longer distinguishable from the rest of the car.

We then apply a top lacquer coat to give the area long lasting shine, and then bake it via infrared, locking in the finish. We are then able to execute our two stage polishing process, leaving your car looking as good as new.

Want to know the best part of our Body Dent Service? We come to you. There is no need to wait until the weekend, tell us where your car is whilst you work and we will start and finish your dent fill and repair. Give us a call on 01438 747194 now!


Body Dent Repair Hertfordshire

Body Dent Repair


We are a fully mobile car paint, scratch chip and dent repair service. We come to you whether it is at your home or workplace. We are based in Stevenage North Hertfordshire and cover Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire. Middlesex, London, Essex, Kent, Surrey.

SprayPlan do not offer any franchise opportunities, and instead we only employ experienced paint technicians to carrry out repairs to your car. Learning to repair dents, scratches and chips takes many years so we only take on staff with a minimum of five years bodyshop experience.