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Why First Impressions Are So Important to Your Business
Ever seen a vehicle with 'clean me' written into the dirt on it?

You must have! Or seen a vehicle covered in rust spots and dents? What did that say to you when you saw it?  You probably smiled to yourself and thought I’m glad it’s not mine!

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But if that vehicle had a company logo on it, did you think well if they can’t look after their vehicle properly, is their service sloppy too? It’s all about the old saying ‘first impressions count’.

Fleet or Company Vehicles

A vehicle, when used for business, should really reflect the brand and image of the company it belongs to. If your vehicle matches the intended customer perception then it will definitely make a positive difference if the car is well maintained, clean and definitely scratch and dent free.

Think of it like a home. It’s basically an extension of you, your personality and living space - an integral part of your life. Just like your home it needs TLC to be kept clean, tidy and well maintained. Any damage should be repaired quickly or it may wear out or get damaged further and that just won’t make a good impression.

Sprayplan comes to You

That’s the best bit about being mobile, Sprayplan comes to you. We understand everyone has busy lives so we appreciate the importance of being able to slot in a job when and where it’s convenient. We will bring our expertise to you whether it’s your home or workplace – to be honest wherever you want the job done, our self-sufficient vans will literally perform anywhere.

Customer Confidence

A clean and damage free vehicle, whether it’s for personal or business use, not only makes a good impression but it can help boost your self esteem. Do you really want to drive around in a shabby looking car? It could be embarrassing and possibly stressful particularly if you know you are going to meet perspective clients in it.

It’s definite then, the state of your vehicle says a lot about you and the company your work for. A clean and damage free vehicle will promote a sense of positivity. A dirty, poor maintained or damaged vehicle says so much more and it will all be negative!

So, don’t let it get that way, if you have any stone, chips, scratches or dents Sprayplan 
is fully mobile and can offer you a fast, reliable and high quality repair service. For more information or to get a quote get in touch today.